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    CN / EN Only 62 days left from the opening

    Architecture Design

    Combined with EPC engineering and architecture on prefabricated buildings, design solutions, software and BIM consulting etc. will be showed as cutting-edge technologies and application cases at this pavilion.

    Architecture Structure

    Focusing on Application of innovative joint mode in assembly-type hybrid structures, we will discuss together how different assembly-type building structural systems can be applied to different at this section.

    Construction Parts & PC Production Equipment

    The unique space display prefabricated components and production equipment. Concurrently business Matchmaking meet the huge purchase demands from domestic and overseas buyers.





    Building Envelope

    The latest trends, policies, materials and technologies of prefabricated green buildings will be displayed and discussed within application cases and solutions on one-stop platform.

    Formwork & Scaffolding

    Software and System

    Shanghai Baoye

    Shanghai Baoye Group Corp., Ltd. is a large State-Owned as Construction General Contractor for both Building and Metallurgical Works.

    Baoye Group

    China's famous general construction contractor, focusing on the energy conservation and environmental protection of housing industrialization.


    China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Company Limited owns the extra-grade qualification of construction general contract, and provides services throughout more than 28 provinces (municipalities) in China and Africa, middle east of Asia, central Asia, south east of Asia, etc.


    The world's leading expert in adhesives for industrial manufacturing, construction and retail markets.

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